About Us

About Us

 Our Mechanics will come to you with years of experience in all types of buses and components.

 In DC, tourists come and tourists go….often thanks only to the Bus Doctor.

Washington Post

Virginia Bus Doctor is the vision of Bryan Cebula, who saw the need for roadside bus repair service to the tourist industry while managing a large shop for a motor coach owner/operator in the DC area. After turning down several requests each day for minor repairs to outside coaches, the idea was born to fill the gap in service with a fully-equipped mobile bus repair facility. He started out part-time with a second hand van but the business quickly grew to full time and larger trucks. Though the 22-year history of the “Bus Doctor”, the machinery and inventory maintained on the service trucks was honed, by experience, to address most repair jobs for all types of buses. What is not maintained on the service truck can be acquired through the Bus Doctor’s network of vendors, many of whom will open the store after hours at his request.

The “Bus Doctor” provides professional repairs on-site for most mechanical problems encountered by buses visiting in and around the nation’s capital.  We have provided convenient and time-saving repair services to as many as 1,300 buses annually.  We offer 24 hour breakdown service and the convenience of coming to you during your tour schedule or at you hotel after the tours are complete.

Meet our newest mechanic, Bob Zdzinicki

We work closely with the DC Police and Capitol Hill Police during safety inspections.  We can often repair the safety violation at the site of the surprise inspections, eliminating tow bills and down time without the passengers knowing the bus was put “out of service” and with little inconvenience to the bus owner.   We are proud that the police know and respect our services and the “Bus Doctor” technicians’ expertise and that the local authorities know that the situation will be handled professionally, completing the repairs to correct mechanical violations to ensure an efficient resolution to safety concerns.

We can provide start up services, pretrip inspections and minor repairs to mini buses and offer small fleet preventative maintenance. We are registered with the US General Services Administration (GSA), the US Government Procurement arm for the acquisition of services as a provider of bus repairs.

The Bus Doctor is fully insured and carries a complete comprehensive and collision policy. We also maintain a comprehensive liability insurance policy and garage keepers’ insurance.

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